Hi, my name is KJ.

I'm the Executive Director of H1GHER LEARNING. 

So, at first my goal was to create a nonprofit that purchased shoes for disadvantaged kids so that they could play organized team sports (there are a lot of benefits to doing so). But then I started working at an alternative behavior middle school and started rewarding them--with sneakers--for getting restored (aka making it back to their home school). That was cool too. 

However, the more I worked with them, the more I realized that there is a need to provide kids with life-skill lessons and business development concepts--things they can learn outside of their normal school work that will actually prepare them for the real world. 

Those that complete the program will be rewarded for their hard work with real money AND brand new sneakers. Seems legit, right? If you want to stay in contact, read the blog or hit me up on either IG or Twitter. If you'd like to DONATE or JOIN OUR MAILING LIST visit the TAKE ACTION page today!